Insertion in Binary Search Tree

Given a Binary Search Tree (BST) insert a new node in BST. Insertion in the binary search tree is always done as a leaf node. We have to traverse the binary search tree and find the right position ...

Difference between DELETE, TRUNCATE and DROP

When managing a database, data removal is a common task that needs careful consideration. SQL offers several commands to remove data or database objects, each serving different purposes. In this ar...

Types of SQL Statements: A Guide to DDL, DML, DCL, TCL, and DQL

In this comprehensive guide, we break down Data Definition Language (DDL), Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Control Language (DCL), Transaction Control Language (TCL), and Data Query Language...

Setup Vitest with React for unit testing (replace Jest)

Vitest is fast and really good when used with Vite which developers are preferring nowadays. It is a good alternative to Jest for a better experience.

C program to swap two numbers using pointers

Swap two numbers in C using pointers, a powerful and efficient technique. This program stores two numbers in variables, and swaps their values after executing.

C Program to use pointers

Explore a concise explanation of a simple C program demonstrating the creation, initialization, and usage of pointers. Understand the ussage of pointers with different data types in C.

C program to add two numbers using pointers

Write a C program using pointers to add two numbers efficiently. Understand how pointers enable direct memory manipulation.

Search the node with minimum value in a Binary search tree

Search the node with minimum value in a binary search tree. To search a node with a minimum value in a Binary Search Tree, we have to traverse to the left-most node at the bottom.

The best free resources to learn web development

Web development means developing websites or web applications which also includes developing APIs, designing UI/UX, database design and many more. It consists various technologies like HTML, CSS, J...

Search a node in Binary search tree

In this tutorial, we are going to learn that how to search a node in a Binary search tree using recursive and iterative solution.