The best free resources to learn web development

Web development means developing websites or web applications which also includes developing APIs, designing UI/UX, database design and many more. It consists various technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. In this blog, I will share with you a complete roadmap to develop web applications with the best free resources available on the internet to learn these technologies.

The best free resources to learn web development and roadmap

Web development is one of the best things to learn and it is hard to imagine any web solution without involving web technology in it.

Even if you are planning to develop a mobile application you may need to interact with a database or server using API or perform authentication there you will need web-specific tech. If you are developing a machine learning or some data science application web technology is the best way to showcase your project.

So web development is one of the best skills a developer can learn in the current era.

Here I am going to tell you a complete roadmap for development with some best free resources to learn it.


First of all the three most important skills to start and learn web development are -

If you are trying to be a frontend developer or full-stack developer then these three are the basics and you should have a good grasp over these even if you just want to be a backend developer still I would highly recommend you to know the basics of these.

UI Libraries

Apart from these, there are more libraries but these are the popular ones.

Frontend / Single page application

These days Single page applications are mainly used so these are the most famous libraries and frameworks for developing single page application.

I would suggest you, learn any one of these. Once you master anyone you can easily switch to others if required.
React would be better to start with.


Now if you are thinking to move towards backend development then I would suggest you to have a basic understanding of Database and SQL.
If you want to get into NoSQL databases and then I would suggest starting with MongoDB and understanding how document-based database works.


Once you know the basics of databases you are good to go with backend development. For backend development, you should know any one programming language and a framework related to that programming language.

If you are a beginner I would suggest you focus and master a programming language and its framework and don't get distracted by the fascinating names. All languages and frameworks are good and it depends on the purpose of developing the application and which language and frameworks suits best for your application.

Full Stack

Some frontend and backend technologies with a language when combined gives a better developing experience and they are very much popular in the community.


Once you are done with application development and if it involves various technologies and dependencies then it's a bit complex to ship your application in the various environments. To avoid such a situation use the following -

Dockerizing your application is not important if dependencies are less and you don't want to get into the complexities then you skip this deploy your app.


Once you are able to develop a web application I would suggest you to understand the following topics -

  • Deployment
  • Websockets
  • Background tasks and Task scheduling
  • Caching
  • Load balancing
  • Proxy server

Now I will tell you all the free resources to learn all of the above mentioned technologies.














Tailwind CSS







JavaScript on Node.js - Express

Here only JavaScript framworks resources are mentioned. JavaScript tutorials are already mentioned above.



Python - Django / Flask




C# - ASP.NET Core

Full Stack


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