C Program to toggle case of a string

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C program to toggle the case of a string using the loop i.e., convert the uppercase alphabets into lowercase and lowercase alphabets into uppercase. How to transform the case of characters in a string.

C Program to toggle the case of a string

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

void main()
  char str[50];
  int i=0;

  printf("Enter uppercase string: ");

  while(str[i] != '\0')
    if(str[i]>='a' && str[i]<='z')
      str[i] = str[i] - 32;
    else if(str[i]>='A' && str[i]<='Z')
      str[i] = str[i] + 32;

  printf("Togglecase string: %s", str);


Enter uppercase string: pRoCoDinG
Togglecase string: PrOcOdINg